ICOLC.  NERL is an active participating consortium with the International Coalition of Library Consortia.  The members of ICOLC are dedicated to keeping participating consortia informed about new electronic information resources, pricing practices of electronic information providers and vendors, and other issues of importance to directors, governing boards, and libaries of consortia.

NERL has been a member of Project COUNTER since its inception.  Project COUNTER is an initiative launched in 2002 that has set standards and codes of practice that facilitate the recording and reporting of online usage statistics in a consistent, credible and compatible way.

PROJECT TRANSFERTransfer is a UKSG initiative created to address the issues and problems involved with the transfer of journals from one publisher to another.  The TRANSFER working group is made up of publishers and librarians who have established and published a standard Code of Practice to promote consistent guidelines for publishers to endorse and follow in order to minimize the disruption in access for users of the content.

SCOAP3 Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics.  In this model, HEP funding agencies and libraries, which today purchase journal subscriptions to implicitly support the peer-review service, federate to explicitly cover its cost, while publishers make the electronic versions of their journals free to read. Authors are not directly charged to publish their articles OA.

SERU.  Shared E-Resource Understanding.  Registrants have the option of using the general terms of best practice as articulated by the SERU Recommended Practice Report and copyright law.  SERU allow vendors/publishers and member institutions to eliminate the need for lengthy license negotiation.

.  NERL has been a supporting organization of the SPARC Open Access Meeting since 2011.  SPARC promotes and supports the implementation of campus open access policies.