NERL Model License

NERL Administrative Documents: 

The NERL Model License has the tacit approval of the NERL member institutions.  Vendors and publishers should consider using this license as a starting point for negotiating the terms and conditions for use of the licensed content.

NERL Negotiating Principles (adopted June 2011)

NERL Administrative Documents: 

Vendors should take into account the NERL Negotiating Principles when contemplating an offer to the NERL group.

Working With NERL

NERL is concerned primarily with licensing on-line products and the deployment of online products and services. NERL's primary objective is to obtain the best resources, license terms, and prices possible for our institutions and users.

Member libraries consider the merits of each product for their respective institutions and may or may not participate in consortial purchasing agreements. Some member libraries are in private institutions and others are in public institutions. Licenses may need to reflect the special requirements of various states' laws.

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