NERL Welcome

The NorthEast Research Libraries consortium (NERL), a nonprofit program operating under the auspices of Center for Research Libraries, is comprised of 30 core member academic research libraries and over 110 affiliate member academic and/or research libraries.  Core members are dues paying academic research libraries responsible for the governance of the consortium, direction of core activities, and strategic planning for the group.  Affiliate members pay small administrative fees to join licenses for e-resources that meet their institutional needs.  The goal of the consortium is to foster and support the educational and research missions of its member institutions by coordinating, consolidating, and negotiating the best possible licensing terms and prices for electronic resources.

NERL offers its members a scholarly forum in which to share information about fundamental issues in academic librarianship with respect to collection, management, budgeting, and advocacy for key concerns in the field.  NERL's work is accomplished by a staff of 2.25 FTE, with volunteer participation from an executive board made up of individuals from within its core member libraries.